maleficent / by Nathan Carterette

I don't remember the sleeping beauty saga, and came into this movie thinking it was snow white, so I watched it with pretty fresh eyes. It's really all about the visual, and in keeping with today's epic tastes it has scenes of armies and forest monsters straight out of The Two Towers; maleficent's own green electrical tower of rage proves she is the cousin of the witch king at minas morgul. 

For her too, the main character, it's unfortunately all about the visual. She has the look down, it will be copied by drag queens for generations. But where's the beef? Maleficent didn't have a single memorable line in the entire movie. The only thing distinguishing her as a character is her lady gaga alien cheeks and her baphumet illuminati horns (surely that will be picked up on vigilant citizen).

I guess we have something to look forward too then, and that is drag queens improving on the character and giving her some sass. Also I couldn't help feel Angelina Jolie is so concerned with being beautiful that everything was acted with that in mind: sad beautiful, angry beautiful, bitchy beautiful, whatever. It reminds me of liszt's critique of thalberg: "I too could have had velvet paws." But he dared to venture into the ugly. It's a risk this actress won't take!